None of us is as smart as all of us 

- Japanese proverb

Bin Sun

Senior Advisor, China

Bin Sun is a Chinese national with a Master’s degree from the French Grande Ecole system. Bin is experienced advisor for Western companies in the Asia-Pacific region and for Chinese investment companies active in Europe.

Joseph Cheung (PhD)

Senior Advisor, China

Joseph Cheung is a Chinese national with PhD from Beijing’s Tsinghua University and an MBA from London Business School. Dr. Cheung has not only advised several foreign companies on how to do enter the Hong Kong and Chinese market, but with the help of his wide personal network supported them to start business activities in China. Dr. Cheung also teaches at the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University’s IMBA programme on Doing Business in China and Entrepreneurial Management.

Khanh Doan

Senior Advisor, Vietnam

Khanh Doan  is a Vietnamese national, with a Master’s degree in Economics from Linköping University in Sweden. Khanh is an owner of a company, which imports handmade home decoration from Asia and Africa  to Europe. Previously Khanh worked six years as a marketing executive in Singaporean FMCG company and Japanese cosmetics & pharmaceutical industry company.

Karsten Loemker

Country Manager in Germany

Karsten Loemker is a German national with a LLB degree. Karsten started of his career as a solicitor but has during the years moved more and more towards management consulting. As a result, today Karsten is fluent in both supporting companies in growth strategy outside their home markets and in expansion and restructuring related legal matters.

Vadim Grigorenko

Senior Advisor, Russia

Vadim Grigorenko is a Russian-Latvian national with an B.Sc. in business administration. Vadim is a strategy and investment specialist, working on substantial investment deals in Moscow and regional Russia. He is a former strategy director of a Baltic telecommunications company and has since been involved also in fund management and real estate investment projects.

Zeljko Pavic (PhD)

Senior Advisor, Western Balkans

Zeljko Pavic is a Croatian market research and analysis specialist. Zeljko has 16 years of experience in commercial and scientific research. He has executed several dozens of market research projects for clients in various industries.

Mika Ruotsalo

Senior Advisor, Poland and CEE

Mika Ruotsalo is a Finnish national with long construction metals and financial services experience. Mika has worked for US, Finnish and Austrian companies across Eastern Europe in senior management positions focusing on a market expansion.

Minko Mihailov

Senior Advisor, Bulgaria

Minko Mihailov is a Bulgarian real estate and construction professional. He is experienced in financing and leading several major property development deals in different parts of Bulgaria as well as in helping foreign companies and investors.

Ivo Urbanovics

Senior Advisor, Latvia

Ivo Urbanovics is a Latvian national with an international business background. He has advised several Scandinavian companies to establish themselves in Latvia. He has also assisted many Latvian companies to develop international sales. Ivo is specialized in the development of innovative start-ups. He is experienced in the IT outsourcing, food and manufacturing industries.

Martti Rautiala

Senior Advisor, Sweden

Martti Rautiala is a Swedish and Finnish citizen, living in Stockholm, Sweden. He has an economic education, and has been working as a management consultant in various Nordic regions. Martti is specialized in market entries and has represented numerous companies in entering the Swedish and other Nordic markets.

Erik Flybäck

Senior Advisor, Sweden

Erik Flybäck is a Swedish national with a MSc in Commercial Law from Gothenburg University. During his time at university Erik wrote two inquiries for the Dispaschor of Sweden. After graduation Erik worked in a bank in England as relationship manager for a large fund. He has also worked as a management consultant giving advise to Swedish companies on international growth and public funding, as well as a CEO for one of Sweden’s most progressive PR agencies. Erik’s broad experience makes him well suited to understand his clients’ needs and challenges in projects on international growth. Further, Erik has written a large number of winning applications for public funding on R&D and international growth. Erik is fluent in Swedish and English.

Nils Ole Krogstad

Senior Advisor, Norway

Nils Ole Krogstad is a Norwegian national holding MSc in Industrial Economics from the University of Stavanger (UiS) and a Master of Management degree from the Norwegian School of Management (BI). Nils Ole is an expert in strategy, business development, M&A, and corporate finance. He has a wide international experience from working in Africa for several years and establishing businesses in the Nordics, Baltics, and India.

Ali Munif Yegenaga

Senior Advisor, Turkey

Ali is a Turkish national who graduated from the University of Leeds and holds a Textile Engineering diploma. He is an expert in developing export sales and investments in the emerging markets. Ali is the owner and CEO at Unipole Forest Products and has expertise in wood preservation and use of wooden poles.

Rokas Tamosiunas

Senior Advisor, Lithuania

Rokas Tamosiunas is a Lithuanian national with a Master's degree in Business Management from Vilnius University. Has a strong M&A experience. Rokas is an IT consulting professional, entrepreneur and active NGO member.

Liudmila Gonchar

Country Manager in Ukraine and Belarus

Liudmila Gonchar is a Belarusian representing Excedea in Kiev, Ukraine. Liudmila has worked in a number of projects, ranging from market and financial analysis to large scale investment projects.