None of us is as smart as all of us
- Japanese proverb

Viktor Reppo

Partner, CEO

Viktor Reppo is a natively Russian-speaking Estonian with economics degrees from Estonian Business School in Tallinn and Copenhagen Business Academy in Denmark.

Viktor has been helping with his clients to realize their international growth ambitions for over 10 years. He has worked extensively in the markets of Europe, CIS, and Asia. Viktor is especially widely recognized as an expert on the markets of Russia and CIS. Viktor’s long-term clients include companies from the consumer goods, health care, ICT and manufacturing sectors.

Henrik Dagmalm

Partner, CEO Excedea Sweden

Henrik Dagmalm is a Swedish national with a Master of Laws (LL.M) from the University of Stockholm. Henrik has been a management consultant since 2006 and has primarily advised Swedish companies on international growth and public funding. His experience in the field spans from 25 successful international growth projects to 200 winning public funding projects related to international growth - all targeting Russia & CIS, Eastern Europe and Asia. Henrik is offering clients the value of accelerated and highly profitable international growth as well as reduced investment risk through grants and incentives. Henrik has project management experience in international growth from projects like feasibility studies, market strategy and partner searches.

Henrik also has one of the strongest track records in Sweden when it comes to public funding for R&D, professional training and investments. Since 2006 Henrik has produced a total of approximately 200 winning funding applications, which has generated more than 25MEUR to clients. Consequently, he has a deep understanding of the decision criteria of the public funding agencies.

Martin Seppälä

PhD. (Econ.), Partner, Chairman

Dr Martin Seppälä is a Natively Swedish-speaking Finnish national. Martin has a Ph.D.(Econ.) in strategic management from Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki and has worked as a lecturer and visiting professor in strategy and management in the Estonian Business School (EBS), Aalto University, Hanken Business School and SKEMA (CERAM) in the French Grande Ecole System. He has served as a board/advisory board member in many companies internationally.

Martin has been working as a management consultant since 1999 – before Excedea in Andersen Consulting's and Accenture's strategy group. During the last 17 years Martin has worked on growth and strategy issues with such companies as Nokia, HP, Teliasonera, Nokian Tyres, Stockmann and Technopolis. Besides delivering longer projects on-site in Scandinavia and the Baltics, Martin has also worked in London and in markets throughout Europe, Russia and Asia. Martin has a wealth of experience in real estate and private equity investments, cross-border M&A and creating successful international growth strategies in a wide range of industries (including consumer goods and services, ICT, real estate investments, healthcare and manufacturing industry).


Mikael Orkomies

Senior Partner

Mikael Orkomies is a Finnish national with a M.Sc. in Industrial Management and Engineering from the Aalto University School of Science and Technology. Mikael’s consulting career began in 1998 at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. In 2000-2005 Mikael worked at Accenture as a strategy consultant in communications and high tech sector before moving on to establish a consulting company specializing on growth and internationalization.

During the years Mikael has worked both with large multinationals and SMEs; and with clients from e.g. ICT, service outsourcing, food industry, automotive and heavy machinery industries. Mikael has long experience from factory establishment projects in Europe, process rollouts in Asia and multi country business opportunity assessments in Eastern Europe.

The common denominator in the projects has been interest in growing abroad. As a result of the accumulated knowledge in internationalization Mikael has been an advisor to several governmental agencies interested in attracting FDI as well as a frequent guest speaker in seminars focusing on growth.

Janne Mäkelä


Janne Mäkelä is a Finnish national with bachelor's degree in business administration from Lappeenranta University of Technology and University of Stuttgart. Has over 15 years of experience in sales and management in Scandinavia and Central and Southern Europe and Middle East both in SME's and large corporations. Has expertise in real estate investments on different continents. Janne has also served as a board member and partner in several companies.

Henri Norio

Henri Norio is a Finnish national with M.Sc. in Economics and Finance from University of Vaasa. He has over 11 years of sales and consulting experience in international environment. Henri is an expert in adapting new business models on international markets.

Johan Hackman


Johan is a is a Natively Swedish-speaking Finnish national. Johan has led projects across a wide variety of industries such as Machine building and technology, FMCG and Retail, Automotive, High-tech and Med-tech. He has supported global leaders in developing best-in-class solutions in projects such as supplier evaluation, benchmarking, operational due diligence, simulation of production sites, inventory management and design of global logistic networks.

Johan has been involved in consulting in China since 2004 and has had a steady presence in Asia since 1987 through both academic work and business relations. The majority of his work has been in Greater China gaining him experience in the region. Over the years, he has accumulated extensive expertise within supply chain management, sourcing and operations.

In addition to Asia, Johan has a long experience of working in other emerging economies, including Russia and Eastern Europe.

Johan holds an M.Sc. In Economics from Åbo Akademi University in Finland and has also studied at the Chinese University of HK, National Taiwan Normal University, Central Institute of Nationalities Beijing and Pacific Asian Management Institute University of Hawaii.

Kim Kishenja

Associate Partner

Kim Kishenja is a bilingual Russian/Estonian. He has MA in Export and Enterprise management from Tallinn University of Technology and BA in Politics and Government from Tallinn University. 

Kim has experience in data gathering, partner search, project support, and market analysis.

Kai Krashevski

Public Funding Manager
Kai Krashevski is a natively Estonian-speaking public funding specialist. Kai has a Master of Arts degree in Russian Philology from the Tartu University and is studying MBA programme at Estonian Business School.
Kai has been dealing with public funding projects since 2011. She has thorough understanding of Estonian grants and can also support clients with international grants. Kai has consulted companies of different sizes in public funding matters and supported them in winning public funding in order to implement their development projects.

Jaakko Ojanen

Public Funding Manager, Finland

Jaakko is a Finnish national with Master’s Degree in Materials Science from the Technical University of Tampere. During his studies he focused heavily on industrial management and entrepreneurship. Jaakko has worked with public funding projects since 2013 and during this time he has gathered extensive knowledge from both the finnish and the international public funding programs. Expert in developing and internationalizing knowledge-intensive professional services.

Jana Tserkasina

Chief Operating Officer

Jana Tserkasina is a natively Russian-speaking Estonian with a Master's degree in Business and Governance from Tallinn Technical University. 

Jana is responsible for all operations and project deliveries at Excedea. Jana is experienced in project management, clients and cooperation partners search, contact establishing and negotiations, data gathering and strategic analysis. 

Julia Dmitrieva

Project Support Officer

Julia Dmitrieva is a natively Russian-speaking Estonian citizen with a Bachelor’s degree in English Philology from Tallinn University. Julia is responsible for project support in international growth and public funding projects and is active in contact establishing and data gathering.

Alexandra Vasilkioti

Senior Associate

Alexandra is a Russian-speaking Estonian with a Master’s degree in Financial Management from Estonian Business School.

Alexandra deals with data gathering and project support.