Excedea launches an expansion project with a Finnish company in nanotechnology R&D, prototypes and high-precision mechanics

2013-03-25 19:39


Excedea signed a collaboration agreement with a Finnish company, which helps it’s partners convert ideas into reality in the fast growing area of nanotechnology. The collaboration is aimed at expansion in the Russian market through hands-on market understanding and developing cooperation network in Russia. Already in the early phases we have established links to such organisations as e.g. Rusnano, Skolkovo, Nanotech Association of Russia, and several potential commercial partners, all have been positively impressed with the offering of the Finnish company. In the next steps we will work on deepening our understanding of the market opportunity and developing a clear and practical business model.


With additional information requests related to the Russian market or nanotech related initiatives, please contact Viktor Reppo, Partner at Excedea.

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