International growth


“The global market advantage: Faster revenue growth, higher profitability, lower costs”


Excedea has a long track record of successfully executing international growth projects in the European and Asian markets. We support our clients in all stages of the international growth process. As entrepreneurs we understand that a good plan is worth nothing without successful execution. All Excedea projects are delivered with a combination of experienced, Nordic project management and local hands-on teams in the target markets. The Excedea services range from planning to financing and execution.

Typical project themes:

  • Growth Auditor – creating a benchmarked international growth strategy online in 4 weeks
  • Growth Strategy – country prioritization and assessment of market potential, realistic target level and necessary resources
  • Target market analysis
  • Partner/client/subcontractor search, evaluation, contacting and negotiations
  • Outsourced target market sales
  • Production location selection and analysis
  • Cross-border M&A - valuation, negotiation, finance structuring together with local banks, international co-investors and through public funding, due diligence coordination and transaction support
  • Operational setup in target country
  • Long term performance improvement, board membership and integration

Public Funding


“Reducing the risk in international growth and other strategic business development projects”


Managing the risk when investing in strategic business development is highly challenging but with the use of public funding it is many times possible to significantly decrease the risk level. As public funding allows you to finance your business development projects without paying interest or issuing more shares, winning public funding enables the company to execute development projects faster or run more projects simultaneously. There are a great number of funding agencies in Europe that offer tailor-made grants and incentives for projects related to international growth, R&D and professional training as well as energy and environment. We advise you on what grants to apply for, we write your funding applications and we manage all the administration and accounting related to funding for you.

Typical project themes:

  • Funding opportunities – matching your business development plan with available grants
  • Feasibility study grant – reducing the risk while researching your investment in international growth
  • Investment Incentive – minimizing the risk when investing in Eastern EU, Russia & CIS or Asia
  • R&D funding – managing the risk when investing in new knowledge, products or  services
  • Energy and environment grants – reducing the risk when demonstrating new methods for sustainability
  • Professional training incentives – minimizing the risk when investing in the future skills of your organization
  • Reporting and accounting – assuring the funding agency that the grant is creating value


“You can concentrate on the core business, we organize the capital to execute the growth”

Excedea helps companies, investors and investment funds to raise equity for their growth initiatives. Excedea also helps investors find suitable investment objects internationally for their various allocations. Excedea has a large network of both private and institutional investors who are constantly looking for and finding lucrative investment opportunities through us. You can read more about our Capital-services at www.excedeacapital.com.