Eurostars is coming back with an improved format – Obtain 500 KEUR for your innovative R&D project


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Eurostars is coming back with an improved format – Obtain 500 KEUR for your innovative R&D project 

Is your company planning an innovative development project that will result in a new productservice or process? Is the business case for your innovation strong enough to transform the market or to create a new market? Would your project benefit from collaboration with a European, Canadian, Korean, Singaporean, or South African partner? Eurostars spring 2022 call is open from 21 January until 24 March. The second call opens on 13 July and closes on 15 September. The programme is offering financial incentives for transnational development collaborations with the potential of reaching new markets and new categories of customers with unique innovative offerings.  

How much funding can your company (and your partner) win from this funding programme? 

The new Eurostars-3 framework will run in parallel with Horizon Europe between (2021-2027) with an estimated budget of approximately 1.2 BEUR to support at least 1700 projects during this period. Each project partner of a proposal may be awarded up to 500 KEUR via grant contribution. Eurostars is financing up to 50% of the eligible project costs, which allows budgets up to 1 MEUR per partner. 

What are the eligible costs in a Eurostars project budget? 

The technical work packages in the project plan need to consist of highly innovative activities. The project plan costs such as salaries, consultant fees, equipment, and material as well as IPR investments, are eligible. 

What are the formal requirements of a project consortium? 

The foundation of a winning innovation funding project is technological collaboration which benefits all participants and in which all project participants carry their own costs and risk. A project consortium needs to have one research-performing SME and other participants may be companies, research institutes or universities. The minimum requirement is two independently owned organizations from two different countries associated with Eureka. 

What’s new in Eurostars-3? 

The new 7-year Eurostars-3 program succeeds Eurostars-2 that ran in parallel with Horizon 2020 (2014-2020). Eurostars opens for a wider reach of recipients and promises considerable improvements to facilitate and expedite the application process. Here are the major improvements. 

  • Innovative SMEs with no previous R&D experience, but with the ambition and capabilities to develop new products, processes and services are now eligible for funding. The previous “R&D performing company” definition requiring a certain number of FTEs dedicated to R&D activities is now abolished, enabling all SMEs developing high innovation to apply. 
  • New and improved project platform to facilitate the application and reporting process is introduced. 
  • New program has fewer eligibility criteria allowing more SMEs to apply. 
  • The evaluation process gets faster – the estimate being 13 weeks funding notice from the cut-off date. 


When is the next deadline? 

The year 2022 cut-off dates for proposals are 24 March and 15 September 2022. If your company wants to compete for funding from Eurostars 2022 it’s time to find a partner and to draft an application. It will take approximately one month to compile a competitive application. Applications are evaluated by an independent committee on EU level in Brussels and the grant is paid out and administered by your country’s national funding body. For more detailed information, click here. 

What does it take to compile a highly competitive and successful Eurostars application? 

Based on Excedea’s 15 years of experience from submitting EU applications and receiving proposal feedback, a successful Eurostars application must have: 

1) A comprehensive and believable business case
2) A demonstrated, strong market potential
3) A deep transnational collaboration 

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