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Eurostars – promoting innovation and international competitiveness with 500 KEUR

Is your company planning an innovative R&D project that will result in a new product or service? Is the business case for your innovation strong enough to transform the market or to create a new market? Would your project benefit from collaboration with a European partner? Eurostars is offering financial incentives for transnational technological collaborations with the potential of reaching new markets and new categories of customers.

How much funding can your company (and your partner) win from this funding programme?

The project participants may be awarded up to 500 KEUR each. Eurostars is offering a 50% grant which allows budgets up to 1 MEUR per participant. The programme has a total budget of 1.14 BEUR to invest in European R&D during 2014 – 2020.

What are the eligible costs in a Eurostars project budget?

The technical work packages in the project plan need to consist of highly innovative activities. The project plan costs such as salaries, consultant fees, equipment, and material as well as IPR investments, are eligible.

What are the formal requirements of a project consortium?

The foundation of a winning innovation funding project is technological collaboration which benefits all participants and in which all project participants carries their own costs and risk. A project consortium needs to have one research-performing SME and other participants may be companies, research institutes or universities. The minimum requirement is to independently own organizations from two different countries.

When is the next deadline?

The next cut-off date for proposals is the 1st of March 2018. If your company wants to compete for funding from Eurostars 2018 it’s time to find a partner and to draft an application. Applications are evaluated by an independent committee in Brussels and all the eligible countries are obliged to award funding to the winning proposals. For more detailed information, click here.

A client case – Mentice is accelerating growth through funding from Eurostars

Our client Mentice is a highly innovative company dedicated to VR simulation of medical procedures. The knowledge base that Mentice has accumulated by investments in R&D is paramount. One of the most significant R&D projects in Mentice’s portfolio is being executed in collaboration with a European R&D partner with the purpose of jointly opening up a new market worth billions of EUR. Excedea applied for funding from Eurostars and the project was awarded 800 KEUR in total innovation funding in 2017. More insights here.

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