Excedea acquires 2.2 MEUR grant for Lipum – SME Instrument


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Excedea acquires 2.2 MEUR grant for Lipum – SME Instrument

Excedea was given the opportunity to work with Umeå-based biologics company Lipum in SME Instrument. The combination of their research in chronic inflammatory diseases and Excedea’s method for the production of convincing innovation funding proposals proved to be competitive. Lipum has now secured financial resources for taking their first biological pharmaceutical closer to the market as well as to patients.

Lipum is a research-based company with decades of highly innovative R&D invested into the business scope of combating chronic inflammatory diseases. With a unique target, novel mechanism and without any suppression of the immune system Lipum’s innovative biological pharmaceutical for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases creates a new state of the art. Under the leadership of Einar Pontén Lipum is accelerating this development work to the benefit of patients, health care and society.

”We are indeed grateful for being selected by the EU considering the tough competition. There is a significant unmet need for the treatment of these diseases and we have first-in-class potential. Excedea added one of their core capacities to make us win – a convincing narrative”, says CEO Einar Pontén.

After Lipum having made a number of good attempts in SME Instrument Phase 2 to win funding, Excedea was chosen to apply the know-how and experience generated during more than 10 years in innovation funding consulting. The team at Excedea thrives on the challenge to comprehend new scientific fields as well as new commercial environments. Adding to the task is overcoming the educational hurdle of presenting the company’s story to the evaluation panel of SME Instrument.

”Lipum’s project had all the pre-requisites for competing well; social and commercial impact, scientific excellence and a cost-efficient project plan. Excedea collaborated well with the talented team at Lipum and clarified the key points of the project”, says Henrik Dagmalm, partner at Excedea.

Excedea is a market leading expert in European Union funding for innovation and international growth. We have produced more than 300 winning European Union funding applications since 2007. Our success rate with Eurostars applications is 80% since 2008.

Does your company have an idea that can create a new market? Is your company known for scientific and technological excellence? Does your company have the capacity for implementation of the idea?

For information on whether your company can be successful in getting public funding, contact Henrik Dagmalm, Partner and CEO for Excedea Sweden: +46 709 88 66 67



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