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December Special – Growth Auditor | Excedea

December Special - Growth Auditor

December Special

To celebrate the present year we want to offer you something special. We want to make sure that also for the year 2019 your growth is well aligned and action plans well designed.

During December, you can get Growth Auditor (5 000€) for just 4 000€!

To fully benefit this offer, it needs to be reclaimed during December 2018. The workshops will take place during January-March 2019.

What is Growth Auditor?

Growth Auditor is a one-month and three-step process that enables efficient and implementable company growth. The aim of Growth Auditor is to facilitate management discussion on key topics related to strategy, growth, resources and prioritization. The process suits companies regardless of size, industry or geographic origin.


Growth Auditor has been developed by leading academics and consultants with a vast experience in growth strategy issues. Growth Auditor is being used by companies ranging from startups to large multinational stock-listed companies.

Benefits reported by Growth Auditor users are:

  • Growth Auditor tackles key issues related to strategy and growth in a non-complex and quick manner
  • The process is concrete and action-oriented
  • Growth Auditor helps balance the growth objectives and resources needed
  • Growth Auditor enables benchmarking of the company’s situation to peers
  • Growth Auditor enables tracking of progress within the company (e.g. as a part of the annual strategy process)

You can read more about Growth Auditor here.

Now you can get Growth Auditor for 4000€ (instead of 5000€). To fully benefit this offer, it needs to be reclaimed during December 2018. The workshops will take place during January-March 2019.

To order the December Special, fill in the form below and our experts will contact you shortly:


    References from the field

    During the last few years I have worked with Excedea on 3 rather heavy Market studies. In general I am very impressed with their ability to gain understanding and knowledge about a rather complex business, like the steel industry. The level of communication and their ability to take responsibility is perfect. I can only recommend the team of Excedea.

    Michael Lund, Director, Sanistål A/S

    The expectations were fulfilled, the market survey was comprehensive and detailed.

    Peter Bräunlein, Area Director, Tikkurila Oyj