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Full-cycle international growth | Excedea

Demand for the Finnish products and services

Finnish companies have a lot to offer to the international markets. Our clients are proving year after year that there is a strong demand for the Finnish way of doing business. Research shows that foreigners most often associate Finland with high quality, technological innovation, appealing design, environmental awareness, and long-term oriented style of doing business. All of the above-mentioned qualities are very appealing to partners and consumers internationally.

Barriers to international growth

Yet, international expansions often prove to be very challenging. The most frequent reason that we hear from the Finnish CEOs is that their product or service is too expensive for the target markets. But there is a strange phenomenon to consider. The same companies on average do very good in Estonia, which is a small and price conscious market. And yet, they have a harder time finding their niche in large and wealthy markets of Western Europe or other Nordic countries. Even if we talk about Russian or Asian markets, where average purchasing power is, of course, lower than in Estonia, there are typically still very large high price and quality segments, because the total population is so much bigger. A closer look usually shows that the issue is not the price, but finding the right niche and right business strategy for the international markets.

The following are the 3 most common barriers for Finnish companies doing better internationally:

1. Insufficient experience of managers and salespeople with other markets and cultures.
2. Opportunistic approach to the international growth and vague international strategy.
3. Insufficient financial, human, and management resources.

Excedea provides support in all the critical areas

Excedea reinforces Finnish companies in all the critical areas. We specialize in international expansion projects for more than 10 years, and our team has gathered exceptionally strong experience in that field. Unlike typical consultants, we aim to provide full support from the very beginning to the clear success.

Roughly, every international expansion project goes through the following phases:

1. Planning
2. Raising financing
3. Executing

The Excedea team has a high level of competence in all three areas, and therefore, we are ready to share the risk and success with our clients. We help in planning, financing, and executing international growth. We bring to the table experience from more than 200 international expansion projects and we are not afraid to put our money where our mouth is.

Let’s get started

Is your company serious about making a success in the international markets? Drop us an email or give us a call and let’s talk. At the very least, you will get a free consulting session. In a better case, we will have a lot to offer to each other and it will be the beginning of an exciting and profitable journey together to the new markets.

To get started please contact Viktor Reppo at


References from the field

Excedea did a great job in our project. Timetables, reporting, contacting - all worked exactly as planned and promised. Highly recommended!

Turkka Turunen, CEO, Admincontrol Finland Oy

Excedea differs from many other consulting companies in their thoroughness in market research but also in the way they assist their client in the implementation, and push them to create success.

Siv Chalin, CEO, Docrates Oy