Insplorion wins 860,000 EUR for next generation battery technology


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Insplorion wins 860,000 EUR for next generation battery technology

Excedea was entrusted with producing a winning Eurostars application for Insplorion AB and AGM Batteries Limited. The €860,000 funding will be used by the two companies to speed up the disruptive innovation project focusing on in-battery sensing.

“Excedea reduced our workload and helped to create a convincing application. Excedea clearly has extensive experience with Eurostars applications and significantly increases the success rate of any innovation project applying for such funding”, concludes Insplorion’s CEO Patrik Dahlqvist.

Insplorion, the project’s leading partner, is developing a higher standard for measuring the health and charge of lithium-ion batteries. They are developing an in-battery sensor system that gives information about the situation within the battery. This system will mostly be used by electric vehicle producers and in renewable energy storage. The data the system provides is input to the battery management systems optimising battery use and lifespan. The innovation will also help to create an aftermarket for used batteries.

“Insplorion is clearly leading the way to a renewable energy based future by speeding up the battery revolution. The development project is strong in all aspects: it is very innovative, has excellent market potential, and is already involving a battery producer – AGM Batteries. Our task was simply to apply our best practices to write the project idea into a successful Eurostars application”, explains Caroline Aruoja, Project Leader at Excedea.

Excedea’s team is focused on increasing clients’ international growth and reducing their financial risks in strategic business development. European Union funding, such as Eurostars, is a typical “tool” that Excedea utilizes to accelerate the international growth of their clients.

“With the funding that Excedea helped to secure, our growth is clearly accelerated. Eurostars funding also validates our technology and commercial potential, thereby further confirming our potential”, adds Elin Larsson Langhammer, Technical Director at Insplorion.

Excedea is a market leading expert in European Union funding for innovation and international growth. We have produced more than 300 winning European Union funding applications since 2007. Their success rate with Eurostars applications is 80% since 2008.

Does your company have an idea that can create a new market? Is your company known for scientific and technological excellence? Does your company have the capacity for implementation of the idea?

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