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First Organic Ice Cream Producer

Like Excedea, La Muu is a casual company with a down-to-earth attitude and a great sense of humour. From stating that “s**t happens” in their 2017 annual report, to explaining on their webpage that the founders only picked fancy job titles for themselves “not to look stupid”, it is clear that the company – started by two friends, Rasmus Rask and Priit Mikelsaar – really focuses on being casual, funny and friendly.

However, aside from all the jokes, La Muu is a serious business. They noticed that there was a lack of local eco-products in Estonia and decided to start addressing that market gap in 2012 by becoming Estonia’s first organic ice cream producer. Today, La Muu ice cream is sold in over 200 locations across Estonia and its popularity is growing.

Securing 0.4 M EUR in Public Funding

To fuel its growth, La Muu turned to Excedea a few years ago to see whether there would be some public funding opportunities available for them. Since then, Excedea has been able to help La Muu to acquire public funding for several pieces of equipment to increase their production capacity, quality, and product range.

“Excedea doors are always open to innovative companies who are looking for public funding opportunities. Our company has already undertaken over 340 public funding projects and can help a wide range of companies on their growth path”, explains Excedea’s Public Funding Manager Kai Krashevski.

In 2016, Excedea assisted La Muu in attaining about 89,000 euros in public funding from Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board for purchasing equipment that would improve the quality of the ice cream, increase production efficiency and quantity. In 2018, the process was repeated, but this time Excedea helped secure already 314,000 euros for La Muu to be able to start producing ice cream cones and popsicles.

“We decided to expand our production from producing packs of ice cream into producing also ice cream cones and popsicles to make our premium ice cream more affordable to many. We expect new products to become very popular thanks to their lower price. Of course, we also will continue adding new flavours to our range as we have been doing over the years”, elaborates La Muu’s CEO Rasmus Rask.

“La Muu has already started exporting their organic ice cream to Germany but are focusing on growing their market share on the Estonian market first. Excedea is proud to have helped contribute to the popularity of this delicious Estonian brand of organic ice cream with our expertise in Estonian public funding”, added Caroline Aruoja, Project Manager at Excedea.

For information on whether your company can be successful in getting Estonian public funding, contact Kai Krashevski, Associate Partner at Excedea: +372 5647 7546

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