Mentice wins Excedea Innovation Award 2018


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Mentice wins Excedea Innovation Award 2018

On May 16th, the annual Excedea Spring Champagne was held at Excedea’s offices in Stockholm. At the event, Excedea presented Mentice as the winner of Excedea’s Innovation award. The award is presented to an Excedea client that develops innovative products and services which have been proved to be commercially viable.

The nominated companies were Ilya Pharma (wound care products), Intervacc (vaccines for animals) and Mentice. The motivation for awarding Mentice was:

“For their outstanding achievements in developing virtual reality simulators for the training of endovascular surgical procedures. Mentice technology will lead to minimizing human error and more lives saved. Mentice continues to develop products that disrupt the simulation market beyond realism and offer the most effective and stimulating solutions.”

The Excedea Innovation Award was received by Kjell Asserlind, VP Global Hospital Market at Mentice.

Excedea Innovation Award

Besides the award, Kjell was given a check of 50 000 SEK that can be used for Excedea’s services.

“It made me very happy to receive the award in competition with such innovative companies. I look forward to our future projects in collaboration with Excedea.”, says Kjell Asserlind.

“Winning the Excedea Innovation award is a nice acknowledgement of our efforts to lead the development within our market”, says Göran Malmberg, CEO and President at Mentice.

Mentice develops virtual reality simulators for training of surgeons on endovascular procedures. For more information about Mentice go to


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