Opportunity to win 600 000 EUR in German-Swedish SME R&D collaboration


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Opportunity to win 600 000 EUR in German-Swedish SME R&D collaboration

Is your SME planning an innovative R&D project that will result in a new product or service? Would your project benefit from a collaboration with a German partner, or does your company already have a collaboration in Germany?

If you have a German-Swedish R&D project with a significant level of technical risk and a convincing market potential – this funding opportunity should be explored.

What kind of projects can be funded?

The German-Swedish SME R&D collaboration call will fund industrial research or experimental development projects. This includes collaboration projects that develop new knowledge or new skills, conduct research and development work, develop a first working prototype, implement demonstration, pilot work or testing and validation. Development of intellectual property strategies and protection can also be funded.

How much funding can your company (and your German partner) win?

This funding opportunity allows the German-Swedish SME R&D collaboration consortiums to be awarded up to € 300 000 per participant, with a 50% funding rate. Vinnova has a total budget of €2 M to invest in the participation of Swedish companies in German-Swedish SME R&D projects during 2021.

What are the eligible costs on a budget?

The technical work packages in the project plan need to consist of either industrial research or experimental development project activities. Eligible costs include salaries, consultant fees, equipment and material as well as IPR investments.

What are the formal requirements of a project consortium?

The foundation of a winning German-Swedish SME R&D collaboration project is a technological collaboration that benefits all participants, and in which all project participants carry their own costs and risk. A project consortium needs to have at least one SME based in Sweden and one SME based in Germany. Universities or research institutes are encouraged to join as well.

When is the next deadline?

The next cut-off date for the German-Swedish SME R&D collaboration proposals is the 11th of May 2021. If your company wants to compete for funding from this programme, it is time to draft an application. Click here for more detailed information.

For immediate action with the funding process, contact Henrik Dagmalm, partner at Excedea, +46 709 886667 or send an email:


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