If your strategy process costs more than 5 KEUR you are overpaying


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If your strategy process costs more than 5 KEUR you are overpaying

It’s strange. It seems that every industry is being automated and traditional methods of strategy are getting replaced by new and more efficient ones. Most shopping is nowadays done online, elevators and industrial machines are communicating with each other and with the service team directly and many smart online services we are using are correctly predicting our behaviour and needs. But in management consulting it is different.

There the “Big 4” are still sending their robots (who look like all they ever wanted to be was a real boy) in dark suits to spend some tens or hundred thousands of the customers’ money to do a “boil the ocean” strategy analysis and run months of meetings and workshops. To ultimately hit your desk with a 200-page report with PESTEL, SWOT, Project portfolio analyses topped off with some recommendation for how to do things lean, agile and smart. But there is nothing lean, agile or smart in what they are selling and delivering. Only a fraction of the report is actually usable and transferable into action.

The solution – Growth Auditor

About 5 years ago the Excedea team was still also applying these old methods. But we increasingly got feedback from the customer that while the work was good, it was too heavy and with too little action orientation in a rapidly changing world. We had several discussions with our key customers and within our own team to figure what could be done. Inspired by Peter Thiel and other internet-era gurus, we started searching for a solution which would improve the process by “10X”. After initial client sparrings, several test versions and collaborations with universities to compare our ideas with existing theories, Growth Auditor was born.

Exceeding expectations

We now have over a hundred happy Growth Auditor customers. The feedback we are getting on the fully web-based strategy service is very positive. Over 90% of Growth Auditor users would recommend it to other clients. The idea is simply to produce a company strategy process with a total budget of 5 KEUR and within a month. As most of the work is done online, key users also end up spending their time very efficiently. An individual user only has to spend about 30 min working with the online tool, perhaps 15-30 minutes reviewing the results and then 3-4 hours in a facilitated action planning workshop.

The process is fast and easy enough to fit all kind of companies, from small startups to busy stock listed company management teams. And if needed, it can be run several times per year. Without wasting key people’s time unnecessarily. Needless to say, e.g. busy board members love this aspect.

Easy benchmarking

The additional benefit of running a smart online process is that the anonymous results of different companies can be benchmarked and easily compared against each other in the process. Its okay to know that your production team thinks your growth plans are unrealistic considering resources, or that the communication could be better, but how do you know if that is normal in most companies or if you are really facing a serious problem. With Growth Auditor you can compare your situation with other companies in a similar situation and decide which aspects need attention and which ones are just normal growing pains.

Low-risk – big rewards

Giving Growth Auditor a try is a fairly low-risk decision, both in terms of time and money. But the upside can be big. We understand there are still also proponents of the old ways. But whether you will become a GA user or not, remember this. The next time you get a visit from the big consulting army of undertakers, please ask them to cut their strategy process pricing by 90% and deliver within a month.

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