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Public Funding | Excedea

Public funding –
Reducing risk in business development projects

We advise you on what grants to apply for, we write your funding applications and we help to arrange the narrative and financial reporting

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Public funding

Excedea partners with our clients on all aspects of the public funding process. We help you to:

      • Find the right public funding: We transform your knowledge from a broad understanding of grants to concrete national and EU funding opportunities for your business development plan.
      • Write a competitive application: We develop the project idea with you, support consortium management, craft convincing text tailored to your project and ensure the opportunity is optimized to get you the most funds available.
      • Report: We ensure that progress and financial reports are delivered and reduce your administrative burden.

Excedea has first-hand experience from European-level funding instruments, as well as Nordic and Baltic local programs.

Our public funding team has extensive experience in various industries, such as advanced manufacturing, greentech, food & bioeconomy, IT & digital services, and health. We focus on acquiring funding for R&D and innovation, and also internationalization projects. We can support you in:

  • Converting complex technical and scientific R&D plans and innovative business models into clear and convincing financing proposals.
  • Financing your company’s digitalisation, robotisation and new equipment purchase with the help of public funding.
  • Pairing your company’s growth and internationalisation plans with public funding.


For exploring public funding opportunities for your company, check Excedea funding database or contact our regional experts:


Jaakko Ojanen, tel: +358 (0)40 557 6602



Henrik Dagmalm, tel: +46 7 0988 6667



Kai Krashevski, tel: +372 5647 7546


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Excedea knew well the decision makers and how to act with them efficiently in our case. I appreciated Excedea’s active approach, flexibility and service attitude.

Lenita Ingelin, Director, Bake Off Business Area, VAASAN Group Oy

We are very pleased with Excedea services: the process of compiling the application documents was coordinated very well, and everything went smoothly. The result was positive.

Eero Lass, CEO, Kikas OÜ