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Excedea leads the way for Starcounter’s win – 2,2 MEUR in EU funding from SME Instrument (Horizon 2020)

Excedea was given the trust of producing Starcounter’s winning application of EU funding, which was awarded 2,2 MEUR in 2017. The result of the collaboration with Excedea is that Starcounter now can speed up the disruptive innovation project and step up activities in marketing and sales.

“Excedea provided us with expertise in how to present our proposal to the EU. The workload for Starcounter’s organization was reduced to a minimum. The initiative and drive from the Excedea team was crucial in order to win in the fierce competition of the SME Instrument”, says deputy CEO Kristoffer Lundegren at Starcounter.

Starcounter is on a mission to transform the market of enterprise software by groundbreaking innovation in how information is accessed and how apps and it-systems communicate. By removing legacy limitations, a significant commercial potential is uncovered.

“Starcounter’s idea for SME Instrument, based on founder Joachim Wester’s vision, clearly had all the merits. The high level of innovation, the capacity for going to the market and the impact on the market, made the case. Our team used best practice for writing funding applications to convince the EU”, says Henrik Dagmalm, partner at Excedea.

Excedea exists to increase the profitability in clients’ international growth and to reduce the financial risk in clients’ strategic business development. EU funding is one of the “tools” that Excedea utilizes when clients need to perform at a higher pace than normal.

“The support from Excedea will result in an acceleration of Starcounter’s business plan. Winning EU funding is also a validation of the technological and commercial potential of our business. This is a milestone in communication with our stakeholders” says Per Edström, CEO at Starcounter.

Excedea is a market leading expert in EU funding for innovation and international growth. Since 2007 Excedea has produced more than 300 winning applications of EU funding. Excedea’s clients are achieving more business development goals to a lower level of risk, than competitors.

Does your company have an idea that can create a new market? Is your company known for scientific and technological excellence? Does your company have the capacity for implementation of the idea?

If yes, contact Henrik Dagmalm, CEO at Excedea Sweden


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