Three things VCs don’t want you to know


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Three things VCs don’t want you to know

In this video Excedea’s Chairman Martin Seppälä discusses the pros and cons of financing your growth with venture capital. With the experience of running a VC fund and being an active growth investor, Excedea has a lot of valuable knowledge from behind the scenes, which can be valuable to know for companies raising capital. Central questions discussed are e.g.

  • Where does the VC get its money?
  • What is the cost of that money and what does it mean for the entrepreneur getting funded?
  • In which situations can the VCs actions risk drive you bankrupt?
  • What can you do to tackle these challenges?


Excedea’s investment arm Excedea Capital is an active investor in cash flow generating real estate and growth companies. Being both a co-owner of investment funds and making directing investments from its own balance, Excedea has a wide range of experience concerning the financing of growth. If you are interested to discuss the topic forward, please don’t hesitate to contact Martin directly by email or leave your contact information here:

    Here you can find all the publications by Martin Seppälä, including the above-mentioned post-doc researches.


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